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Hey this is Cade I was just posting that we need some staff for the Harry Potter page ALL OF THIS PAGE not just like the home or just this or that ALL OF IT this is more less an offsite when you go here the link is so this is way different ok and to be a staff member you need to have access to WireImage With a membership it is free so you can get pictures of the Premieres (World Premiere, NYC/LA Premiere Depends on where the premiere for the United States premiere for which ever movie, and the Tokyo Premiere) and you have to be a REGISTERED MEMBER (Also free) of ImageShack to get HTML codes for pictures (Why Registered? When your registered you can upload Hi-RESOLUTION pictures for free and it will give you a small picture and when you click on it it will go to the Larger picture) Why this? so it will not take up disk space we only hav 20 mb, also i want people who are signed  up with the Harry Potter Webmasters to get like the trailers/ pictures (and upload them along with premiere pictures to ImageShack) also with webmasters get Games, Logos and all that stuff and thats all and if you can email me at and tell me But you have to be as described above^^