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Current Filming Status:

As of March 18th, principle filming is now COMPLETED! This, meaning that all scenes have been shot and only very minor filming is left.

As of December 15th, 75% (120 out of 160 days) of filming has been completed (Source: Producer, David Heyman)

Filming Reports:

-Xpose Magazine (5/2/05) by
Leavesden Studios Tour (4/30/05) by
Premiere Magazine (3/20/05)
-Black Park (2/18/05) by
Virginia Waters (11/6/04) by
Virginia Waters (11/4/04) by
Beacon Hill #1 (8/5/04) by Kaye Harvey
Beacon Hill #2 (8/5/04) by Bonny

Have a new set report? Send it to andrew at staff dot mugglenet dot com...thanks!

Known locations used for GOF filming:

-Leavesden Studios (For numerous scenes)
-Black Park
-Virginia Waters
-Beacon Hill
-Oxford, England (At the Boledian Library in Oxford University)
-Glencoe, Scotland
-Ashridge, Scotland (set reports -
#1 and #2 - received on August 6th)
-Glenfinnan, Scotland (Sunday Mail reported that Mike Newell visited Loch Lomond, Loch Shiel and Loch Eilt)

Scenes confirmed filmed:

-Pre-Triwizard Tournament scenes including Dark Mark and the Weasley's tent
-Inside Moody's Classroom and Office
-Underwater Task (Triwizard Tournament)
-"Prefects in the Bathroom"
-The Quidditch World Cup
-Great Hall (with cast members singing)
-The Portkey
-B-Roll (such as scenic shots of England)

Other Information:

-The Yule Ball scene is described as "Every surface has been silvered, with giant icicles to hang from the beams, and a giant Christmas Tree sits at the head of the space."
-Producer David Heymman says that they've added a new piece of information to a character that's "perfectly organic and works".
-Filming for GoF officially began on March 22, 2004 in Glencoe. Glencoe, which is where a major part of the filming for the first three films took place, has been shifted to a secondary filming location for the fourth.

-Further filming in the Highlands is highly unlikely due to adverse weather conditions. Most of the filming is taking place in Exmoor, Devon, and Leavesden studios in Hertfordshire.

Running Length:

According a recent article in "Sci Fi Wire", we learned why and how some changes to the legth of the screenplay are being made. For starters, JK Rowling approves of the shorter length. In a nutshell, anything that does not directly relate to Harry will be taken out from the final cut of Goblet of Fire.

It has been officially confirmed by Warner Brothers that GOF will be a single two and a half-hour film. That is the one lasting contribution that Alfonso Cuaron, the director of the third movie has left on Goblet of Fire. Cuaron convinced screen writer Steve Kloves that the film needed to be a single film, instead of two, like originally planned.

Some HP fans strongly disagree with this decision and has also led to websites such as SaveGoF, which have a petition to convince WB into splitting the book into two seperate films, or one extra long movie. In addition, Goblet of Fire is to be the most expensive movie ever made, with the current budget at over $300 million.